Whisky Live Nordics

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Whisky Live kommer til København under navnet Whisky Live Nordics
WLN kommer til at finde sted i KB Hallen fredag den 10. og lørdag den 1. september 2021
Fredag fra kl. 16 til 20 og lørdag fra kl. 12 til 21

Whisky Live Nordics, The worlds premier whisky tasting show is finally coming to Copenhagen.

What’s included:
Access to the show, tasting glas, glass/keyhanger, springwater for hydration, glass exchange station (to always have a clean glass), masterclasses and most of all the shown whisky, there will be NO token sale, but you will have to pay a golden or two for a rare whisky treasure sample.

Whisky Live and the Nordic Micro-distilleries
Welcome to the worlds premier whisky tasting show, where whisky enthusiast and geeks, can gather annually to celebrate this fantastic spirit in beautiful Copenhagen.

It´s with great pride we can announce the first edition of Whisky Live Nordics, which will take place at the legendary K.B. Hallen on the 10. and 11. september 2021. Whisky Live is known from great shows all over the world, to name a few, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and now, finally in Copenhagen.

Whisky Live Nordics will feature two masterclass stages, where the worlds leading whisky producers can share their stories and secrets, while having the audience taste their whisky in an intimate setting.

Læs mere på https://www.whiskylivenordics.com/

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