Wolfburn Kylver series

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I forbindelse med Caithness Viking Festival 2016 har Wolfburn lavet en speciel aftapning med navnet Kylver series. Der er tale om at par ex bourbon casks der er stykket sammen og hermed er den første ex bourbon release fra Wolfburn en realitet.

Indtjeningen fra salget af flaskerne kommer til at gå til de der organisere Caithness viking festival og flaskerne vil kun blive sat til salg her.

"Every so often we find a cask that is doing something different and make a note of it. These casks are then kept aside and sampled every so often to see whats happening inside them. All casks are different, that’s just the way whisky works and some of them catch our nose as worth setting aside. Wolfburn will be releasing these casks when we think they are ready to be enjoyed and the first small batch will be released as part of the Caithness Viking Festival. An ideal time for the Kylver series to be launched."

"We rounded the bottling off at 1,200 individually numbered bottles yesterday and won’t release any more ex bourbon for a few years. Only available for a short time at JA Mackay in Thurso. With each bottle sold a contribution is made to the Caithness Viking Festival fund. Special thanks to Progress packaging for making a superb box and label at such short notice that befits the Viking heritage of Caithness."

Kylver er aftappet ved 46% og der er kommet i alt 1200 flasker til salg.

Kilde: Wolfburn.
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