BenRiach Batch 13

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Den 19. august frigav BenRiach Batch 13 af deres Single Cask aftapninger, der går fra alderen 16 til 40 år.

Det er måske også her den største forskellighed i aftapningerne findes til dato, der er nemlig tale om single casks som er peated og  wood finishes, som f.eks. Tawny Port, Burgundy, PX Sherry, Claret, Madeira og Tokaj.

De 12 fade er udvalgt af Managing Director og Master Distiller Billy Walker og der er selvfølgelig ikke tilsat farve og de er heller ikke kold filtreret.

Billy Walker fortæller: “Our much-anticipated batches allow us to identify very special casks in our inventory, and every single cask bottling is an exclusive limited release. I have selected these twelve casks because they are outstanding and full of personality.”

Blandt andet kommer følgende aftapninger:

"The oldest, 1975 #7028, at 53.0% vol, has been matured in a Sherry Butt and the peated spirit is rich amber in colour. On the nose, it bursts with tropical fruits and ripe banana with the most distant hint of campfire embers, while the taste is of plum skins, dark raisins and hints of yellow pear which hold a robust peat reek. Rich vintage leather and old oaky characters add a classic aged depth.

The youngest, 1999 # 5043, at 56.4% vol, is of a rich antique-gold hue and has been matured in an Oloroso Sherry Puncheon. On the nose, there are fresh aromas of golden sultanas, candied peel and white pepper spice, while on the tongue there are delightful notes of cinnamon-spiced honey and rum-soaked sultanas. Peppery oak and crisp green apple skin add a terrific and vibrant contrast.

A third, the 1994 cask # 4004, at 55.1% vol, has been matured in a Tokaj Hogshead, which suggests it will be much sought-after. On the nose this delicious Hungarian cask lends fresh wood smoke, boiled sweets and vanilla, which balance perfectly with a crisp citrus twist. The taste is a combination of ripe orchard fruits and heather honey, holding touches of crisp oak and vibrant citrus zest and finished with a sweet campfire peat smoke.

Other expressions in the range boast of dark orange marmalade, sweet barbeque smoke, sour plums, rum-soaked raisins, heather honey and malt loaf."

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