Spey Trutina og Fumare

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Speyside Destillery er kommet med to nye aftapninger med navnene Trutina og Fumare.
Fumare kan oversættes fra latinsk til "smoky", det vil sige at Speyside for første gang kommer med en røget whisky.
Hvor i mod Trutina kan oversættes til "balanced and pure". Denne har kun ligget på bourbon fade.

John Harvey McDonough, chief executive officer hos Speyside Distillery udtaler: “We’ve never before released a malt using our peated barley. We have kept our peated malts sleeping quietly in our maturisation warehouse and have now awoken them to create the beautifully smoky Fumare.

This is something which is absolutely unique. Because peated whisky is not something that we are known for, it has been interesting to hear the very positive reaction from those who have tasted it.

We wanted to launch another expression – a twin for Fumare – that would be the polar opposite. Trutina brings that balance and together these new expressions continue our journey at Speyside Distillery."

Noterne til de to aftapninger er skrevet af Charles McLean. Han beskriver Fumare som "having an appearance of full gold, like vintage champagne. The taste is sweet and lightly salty with a smoky and medicinal finish, with an aftertaste of bonfire smoke. He describes it as having a sweet basil note. It is more-ish, light, elegant and smoky."

"Trutina as being pale gold in colour – like white wine – with a light nose, with an initial savoury top note on a fruity base. The aroma has developing floral nots with a hint of boiled sweets. The taste has a light texture: a sweet start then considerable crisp acidity, with scented sweets, and an aftertaste of white chocolate."

Der kommer i alt 18.000 af disse flasker der er aftappet ved 46% alc. og de er hverken kold filtreret eller tilsat farve.

Video med Charles McLean og John McDonough
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