Bruichladdich - The Three Tens

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Head Distiller Adam Hannett har besluttet at det er tid til at frigive "The Three Tens" second edition.

“All three drams are a single vintage in that all the spirit used is ten years old.  I like to highlight the many factors in play when we are crafting single malts; the terroir and provenance of our raw materials, our distillation techniques and the quality of our oak. Here, although they are all fundamentally built on first-fill bourbon, I have used different suites of casks to construct each dram. There is Grenache Blanc in the Octomore, Tempranillo in the Port Charlotte and this new Laddie Ten vatting has some spirit matured in beautiful old sherry wood.

“They have all spent a decade maturing in our warehouses by the shores of Loch Indaal. We have bottled them here at the distillery with a splash of spring water from Octomore Farm giving 50% alc.vol. in the case of the Laddie and Port Charlotte, and close to cask strength for the Octomore.

“Although dramatically different from one another, the DNA of the House of Bruichladdich is apparent throughout - delicate, elegantly floral spirit and the characteristic marine influence, that salt-citrus tang that can only come from maturation by the sea.”

Bruichladdich Ten har ligget på First-fill Bourbon, sherry og French wine casks.

Port Charlotte Ten (40ppm) har ligget på first-fill bourbon, sherry, tempranillo og French wine casks.

Octomore Ten (167ppm) har ligget på Fresh Bourbon og Grenache Blanc casks.

Bruichladdich og Port Charlotte er aftappet ved 50%, hvor mod Octomore er aftappet ved 57,3% alc.

Der kommer 18000 flasker er hver aftapning.

Kilde: Bruichladdich
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