The Spirit of Freedom

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Som en del af Springbanks statement omkring Skotlands løsrivelse i forbindelse med Article 50 (Brexit), er de kommet med denne aftapning.

Denne blend består af 62 forskellige Scotch Whiskies og netop 62% af skotterne stemte for at blive i EU.

Noter (Springbank):
Nose - A lovely introduction to this whisky; sweet and fresh with a minty background. It then becomes really fruity with apricots, bananas and pears.

Palate - A light and easy-drinking dram.The fruity theme continues with melon and raspberries, combined with vanilla cream; a Scottish malty panna cotta.

Finish - You’ll want to share it with your pals or then again, maybe better to keep it to yourself, it’s very moreish and buttery.

Flasken kan købes flere steder, blandt andet hos Cadenhead's Whisky Shops i Campbeltown, Edinburgh og London.

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