Compassbox "No Name"

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Compassbox har udgivet deres hidtidige peatiest whisky og har fået navnet "No Name"

"We came across a parcel of American oak barrels filled with mature, massively peaty single malt whisky - tarry and full of bonfire-like smokiness. To us, this was a whisky crying out to be tamed and shaped into a very special Compass Box limited edition."

Fadene kommer fra "the Pier Road distillery" på Islay og destilleriet ved Port Askaig og på Islay. Mon ikke der er tale om Ardbeg og Caol Ila. Til sidst er der tilsat en smule single malt fra "a much-loved distillery in the Northern Highlands village of Brora", det kunne sikkert være Clynelish.

Noter (Compassbox):
A bonfire-like smokiness on the nose with a peatiness that is by turns tarry and medicinal with hints of autumn leaves. A powerful smokiness and peatiness follow, accented by hints of ripe cherries, plums and spice.
This is a whisky for slow sipping either neat, with a splash of water or with an ice cube, which will reveal
the layers of massive complexity this whisky offers as the whisky very slowly dilutes.

Aftappet ved 48.9%
Not chill-filtered
Natural colour

Kilde: Compassbox Whisky

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