Benromach 1977 vintage

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Benromach Distillery Company Ltd er nu kommet med en single cask 1977 vintage aftapning.
Denne 39 år gamle single malt har ligget på et Refill American Hogshead cask number 1268.David King, Director hos Benromach siger: “Almost four decades have passed since cask 1268 was laid down to quietly mature in the traditional dunnage warehouses that surround Benromach Distillery. While this beautiful whisky drew its incredible depth, character and luxurious flavours from the wood, all around the cask, the distillery was evolving and changing. After it closed in 1983, the distillery lay silent for more than 15 years before it was revived by the Urquhart family."

“These carefully selected casks give Benromach lovers around the world the chance to own and taste a moment in time from the distillery’s rich history. We’ve been sampling this cask over the years and feel only now that it is ready to be unveiled.”

Vintage 1977, aftappet ved 56% alc. blev frigivet 4. oktober 2017 og koster ca. €1500 pr. flaske.

Noter (Benromach):
Is a deliciously smooth and sweet dram with vibrant notes of ripe banana and luscious passion fruit. Citrus undertones and dried tobacco mingle with toasted oak leading to a fresh menthol finish

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