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anCnoc kommer nu med deres mest røgede aftapning til dato, Peatheart.

"Throughout the Scottish uplands, most extensively in the north and west, you will find the heart of the peatlands.  Remote and isolated yet rich in iconic wildlife, this environment rules the landscape and provides a valuable fuel for the whisky-making process."

Peat har været brugt rigtig meget gennem whisky produktionen tidligere, da det var en naturlig ressource som var tilgængelig ved destillerierne. Peat har været brugt som brændsel når maltbyggen skal tørres eller når der skal destilleres.

"Peatiness can be controlled by the amount of peat burnt and the humidity of the barley. Peat smoke produces chemicals called phenols and it is by its phenol content that a whisky's 'peatiness' can be measured. This phenol content is expressed as PPM (parts per million) and to ensure consistency, Peatheart uses barley, specified by our Master Blender, malted to 40PPM."

Noter (anCnoc):

Colour: Pale amber

Nose: An initial smoky burst surrenders to a surge of fruitiness. Ripe pears and the citrus notes of apples and limes with just a touch of tobacco in the background. The nose is balanced yet an undeniable smoky sweetness prevails.

Taste: Smoke laced with leather and sweet stewed apples. Chocolate is there too, perfectly complemented by sweet vanilla and zesty lemon. The finish has a lingering warmth with a floral smokiness.

Aftappet ved 46% alc.

Prisen vil blive omkring £52

Kilde: anCnoc

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