Highland Park Yesnaby

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Fjerde aftapning Highland Parks Keystone serie bliver snart tilgængelig hos deres webshop.

"Each release in THE KEYSTONES SERIES celebrates the impact of our keystones on the flavour and character of our whisky. YESNABY highlights the importance of location and the impact of the local climate. It’s named after the dramatic cliffs on Orkney’s Atlantic coastline, the final point on land before Greenland, and demonstrates how Orkney’s unique temperate climate – with lows of only 2°C in winter to 16°C in summer – shapes Highland Park’s intensely balanced flavour."

Hobbister var første aftapning, anden aftapning var Shiel og tredie aftapning var Quercus

Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion, har udvalgt tre fade fra 2005 og viet disse inden de er aftappet. Der er tale om first-fill sherry seasoned American oak casks fra det nordligste warehouse.

Noter (Highland Park):
A deep burnished gold in colour, with notes of rich vanilla and sweet heathery smoke, YESNABY delivers a finish that is light, woody and spicy.

Der kommer 1200 flasker af Yesnaby, aftappet ved 58.9% alc. og kan kun købes via Highland Parks online butik hvis man er medlem af Inner Circle.

Pris: £75

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