The GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 9

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Grandeur Batch 9 er på vej i handlen og denne gang er det en 24 år gammel aftapning udvalgt af deres Master Blender Rachel Barrie.
Der tale om whisky fra sherry butts distilleret i 1990, 1992 og 1993.

GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 9 er aftappet ved 48,7% alc., non chill filtered og ikke tilsat farve. Der kommer i alt 1487 flasker af denne aftapning.

The GlenDronach Master Blender Rachel Barrie sige: “In The GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 9, an unparalleled range of the finest aromas and tastes have been composed from masterful Spanish oak sherry cask maturation, patient aging and careful cask selection. Grandeur Batch 9 is a single malt of finesse, powerful complexity and persistence, reaching heights of maturity and depth of character that approach single malt perfection. The GlenDronach Grandeur is the pinnacle of the signature style, representing rich layers of Highland heritage and terroir, intensified through patient aging in the finest Spanish oak sherry casks.

The expression offers a carefully woven tapestry of stone fruit, baked quince and glazed cherries on a bed of sandalwood, roast chestnuts and subtle musk-scented leather. The freshness of oak balsam lifts and lengthens throughout, sustaining the exceptional balance and complexity. With an elegant, deep and perfectly integrated palate, Grandeur combines a myriad of sherry cask tastes in each sip. As time slowly passes, the taste lengthens and deepens towards an elegant dark chocolate mint, raisin and angelica root velvet finish.”

Kilde: GlenDronach

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