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Berry Bros & Rudd kommer med fire blends i deres Classic Range serie.
Der er tale om følgende fire blends:

Speyside Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Sherry Cask Matured Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Peated Cask Matured Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Alle fire er aftappet ved 44,2% alc. og koster £32 pr. flaske og er alle uden aldersangivelse.
De er alle blended af Doug McIvor og af Ronnie Cox. Doug McIvor siger blandt anden: "For excellence, I look for balance and complexity, maturity and texture. Equally, age is not king; maturity counts for much more."

Noter (BBR):

Speyside Blended Malt:
Many of Scotland’s most famous malts hail from Speyside, known for their approachable, fruity style and floral complexity. Our Classic Speyside Malt captures the very essence of the region, balancing subtle, honeyed fruit aromas with easy-going yet complex aromas.

Appearance: Golden Syrup
Bouquet: Honeyed fruit, citrus and soft wood
Palate: Creamy citrus, honey, rounded
Finish: Soft fruits, mid-long

Islay Blended Malt:
The Hebridean island of Islay is renowned for the distinctive peaty style and smoky flavours of its whiskies. Our Classic Islay Malt is carefully selected blend of casks from some of the island's iconic distilleries, creating a balanced, complex and distinguished smoky dram.

Appearance: Light
Bouquet: Beautifully integrated, the tar aromas and orchard fruit compliment each other. The characteristic Islay peat note has the upper hand.
Palate: Full, approachable, creamy texture with some sweetness, and the quick reminder of its smoky heritage.
Finish: Long lingering peat smoke.

Sherry Cask:
Sherry casks are considered a luxury in Whisky making. These expensive barrels imbue a spirit with distinctive notes of deep fruit, citrus and nuts. Our Classic Shetty Cask Malt is blended from the best Sherry butts to deliver a balanced expression of this uniquely engaging style.

Appearance: Enticingly dark
Bouquet: Sherry prominence with secondary resinous and prune like notes. Invitingly seductive.
Palate: Well balanced fruit on a Sherry bed. Wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling.
Finish: Long, lingering Sherry delight

Peated Cask:
Historically almost all Scotch bore a distinctive smoky note, as peat was the most readily available fuel: today, however, it is much less common. Our Classic Peated Cask is a tribute to the traditional, peated dram -with expressive bursts of soot and smoke complemented by the spirit’s fruitiness.

Appearance: Light.
Bouquet: Well balanced, with Peat aromas giving the edge. Fruity undertones deliver a rich complexity.
Palate: A fruity sweetness introduces the soft peaty character. Well balanced to perfection.
Finish: Mid-long, deliciously Peated.

Kilde: Berry Bros & Rudd

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