Kininvie experimental series

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Kininvie har været i gang med at eksperimentere og det er der kommet tre aftapninger ud af. En single malt whisky, en blended whisky og en grain whisky.

KVSM001 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Den første aftapning i serien er KVSM001, en single malt aftapning på 47%.
Formålet med denne aftapning er at undersøge hvorledes det fungere ved triple destillation.

Experiment: Establish the parameters to allow a third distillation process in the distillery. Run one week’s production using these parameters and compare.

Observations: We could see from the high wines/strong feints that the alcohol and esters are much higher. This is evident in the nosing – where we got very fruity esters with pear drops/candy notes.

Pris: £35

KVSG002 Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Til den anden aftapning har de brugt malted rye til produktionen, hvor formålet har været at undersøge de noter der kommer ved brugen af rug. Denne er aftappet ved 47,8%

Experiment: To test flavour profiles generated by cereals other than usual malted barley. Keeping traditional Scotch whisky processes the same but seeing how the addition of Malted Rye into the mash alters – or enhances – our whisky and how.

Observations: We’re interested in the high level of protein at fermentation. Conversion into fusel alcohol followed by fermentation gave us rich toffee flavours. We distilled the spirit in traditional copy pot stills, which enhanced the spicy flavours we associate with rye.

Pris: £35

KVSB003 Blended Scotch Whisky

Den tredie aftapning er en blended whisky fra det samme destilleri. Det vil sige at de har benyttet grain og single malt fra Kininvie og produceret en single blend på 48,2%

Experiment: Blended Scotch is usually made from grain and malted barley whiskies sourced from different distilleries. We produced the constituent whiskies at our distillery to have exclusive control of all the variables in the blended spirit.

Observations: Typical Scotch blends have high grain/low malt content. In this blend we used a high proportion of malt for fruity, light higher alcohols that act as solic base, whilst the grain give the depth and spice. We weren’t expecting to source flavour in this way, contrary to what we know about blending.

Pris: £35

Kilde: Kininvie