Highland Park Triskelion

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Triskelion er sat sammen af tre Master Whisky Makers – Gordon Motion, Max McFarlane og John Ramsay. De har udforsket og fundet first-fill cask types til denne aftapning. First-fill sherry seasoned Spanish oak butts, first-fill sherry seasoned American oak casks og first-bill bourbon barrels og hogsheads er sat sammen med en lille smule refill casks.

Hvad er Triskelion:
"The symbol of the triskelion – also known as the triskele or triquetra – is found in many ancient cultures. It features three bent branches or spirals radiating from one central point. In Norse mythology, the Horn Triskelion depicts three inter-locking horns and is associated with the story of Odin and the Mead of Poetry.

According to legend, the Mead of Poetry is a magical beverage that will allow whoever drinks it to become a poet or a scholar. Stored in three precious containers – or horns – it was guarded jealously by the giantess Gunnlöò. The great Norse god Odin tricked the giantess and managed to consume the mead from all three horns before assuming the shape of an eagle and flying away, spilling a few precious drops of mead into the mortal world where it was said to inspire poetry and wisdom."

Noter (Highland Park):

TRISKELION is a complex and full-bodied expression of Highland Park, bottled at 45.1% ABV. Clear and bright with deep russet hues, it delivers a vibrant union of rich fruit, creamy sweetness and aromatic spice. Notes of Seville oranges, sultanas, raisins and sweet apricots join vanilla-laden crème brûlée and cloudy heather honey with a hint of crushed coriander seed in the background providing aromatic warmth. Our signature light peat smoke unites each layer of flavour to create an exceptionally well-balanced whisky, as full of character as its three whisky makers.

Triskelion er aftappet ved 45,1% og koster £170

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