Ny Springbank 18-års

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Ny Springbank 18-års was created by Duffer
Sidste år kom Longrow 18-års som blev flået af hylderne. Nu kommer Springbank 18-yo i det faste sortiment. Serge har sat smagsnoter på:

Springbank 18 yo (46%, OB, 2009) Let's see if this brand new Springbank is anywhere near the excellent Longrow 18 from last year. It was matured in 80% sherry, the rest being bourbon. Colour: full gold. Nose: what strikes me first is the youthfulness here, as it starts all on notes of blueberry yoghurt and fresh ripe strawberries as well as hints of gamay (Beaujolais nouveau) and muesli. It's a rather big smokiness that enters the dance after that, with whiffs of lapsang souchong tea, espresso coffee and brown coal (stove) as well as a little putty, fresh walnuts, soaked grains and candle wax. The fresh fruits/'wet' smoke combination works very well in our view. Oh, and Barbour grease"¦ Extremely well composed. Mouth: assertive and a little rougher than on the nose, maybe a tad less ‘forthright'. Rather oily mouth feel. The sherry is a little more obvious too (redcurrants, cassis buds)"¦ Bubblegum, liquorice allsorts, raspberry jam"¦ Also oranges, and once again a rather obvious smokiness. Hints of chilli (spicy pizza sauce). A tad roguish, pleasantly so. Finish: long and in the keeping with the palate. Notes of bitter tea but also strawberry sweets and a hotness. Comments: a magnificent nose, rather old skool, and a full-bodied palate that's more than just very good. The spirit talks. SGP:653 - 90 points.

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Replied by Duffer on topic Ny Springbank 18-års
80% matured in Sherry casks and 20% in Bourbon casks.
It's very good (ace) but I'm not ready to do a tasting note th'-noo, here's Springbank's tasting notes with which I have no argument:
Colour - Rich Gold
Nose - Initial notes of marzipan give way to darker aromas like liquorice and treacle toffee.
Like a home-baked cake full of everything that smells so good that you can't resist another helping.
Palate - Incredible depth and balance. That classic Springbank style is evident, backed up by the fruits of 18 years maturation in predominantly sherry casks. Rich and oily from the moment it hits the palate, the whisky develops to reveal dried fruits and just a hint of smoke. A fine combination of sugar candy, almonds and Christmas cake emerge as the whisky slips off the tongue.
Finish - On and on and on. A reassuring wisp of smoke rises from the back of your mouth and around the palate, enveloping a flavour which contains more raisins, dark chocolate and treacle. This whisky doesn't want to be forgotten in a hurry - and why should it disappear quickly after we've been holding out for it for so long?'

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"A fool and his money are soon parted"

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