Talisker 175th Anniversary

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TALISKER 175th Anniversary bottling Distillery: Talisker

A special release to celebrate the 175th birthday of this legendary distillery. 60,000 bottles have been released. Please note, this product is not yet in stock, but we are taking orders now and it will be availalble for despatch by the end of the week.

ABV: 45.8 %
Volume: 0.7 Litre
Region: Islands

Distillers Tasting Notes
Appearance: Light gold.
Nose: Smoke, perfume, sweetness and complexity. Punchy at first, with maritime notes, even oak smoke to the fore. Behind this, vanilla wood and a wild, heathery outdoors smell. Water heightens the creamy vanilla note, behind which lie white peppercorn and burning heather.
Body: Medium.
Palate: An immediate sweet flash of coconut soon becomes medicinal, then starts to smoulder. The smoke ignites into flame [szechuan pepper] then starts to dry. Water calms this down and out come the maritime notes, alongside the embers of a now-dead wood fire.
Finish: Becomes increasingly spicy approaching the big, maritime, robust and lingering finish. When dilute it becomes increasingly subtle and liquorous, but the smoke still drives through towards the finish.

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

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