Tomatin - Five Virtues Series

Tomatin er kommet med en ny serie med navnet Five Virtues. Der er altså tale om fem aftapninger med navnene: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal og Water. To af disse fem er nu i handlen.

"Water feeds wood; wood sustains fire; fire gives life to earth; earth yields metal; metal gathers water; and the cycle continues… To celebrate the Five Virtues, leading artist, Eva Ullrich, has explored these interactions and their role in whisky production. The result is five striking artworks…and five unique expressions of Tomatin single malt."

Wood og Fire kan købes, Earth kommer senere på året mens Metal og Water kommer i starten af 2018

Wood har ligget på fransk, amerikansk og ungarsk egetræ.
Er aftappet ved 46% alc og der er kommet 6000 flasker ud af

"The first, and most significant, virtue in the production cycle is embodied in this edition by the use of carefully selected French, American and Hungarian oak casks during maturation, representative of the many varieties of the 177,000 casks we hold in our 14 warehouses."


Nose –Complex and round, oaky spices with a warming toasted undertone.
Taste –Brown sugar, orange peel, soft vanilla and oaky spice; like a perfectly balanced old fashioned.
Finish –Long and round with rich spice.

Fire har ligget på heavily charred oak
Aftappet ved 46% og der er kommet 6000 flasker af denne

"The second phase of the cycle is exhibited through maturation of this edition in heavily charred oak casks which, having been fired before previous use, were stripped then re-fired stimulating new, fresh vanilla flavours."


Nose –Creamy butterscotch with citrus and winter spices.
Taste –Sweet apple pie with a light dusting of cinnamon.
Finish –Slightly dry with a delicate spicy finish.

Kilde: Tomatin
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The Water Edition
46% alc./vol.
6000 bottles available

The fifth phase of this perpetual cycle is represented by naturally pure and soft water from the Alt-na-Frith burn. Drawn year-round, this is our private water source running right through the distillery grounds. This edition deliberately employs winter distilled spirit, where reduced contact with our copper stills enriches the final flavour.

Delightfully mature, fruity flavours. Hints of chocolate honeycomb and smooth toffee are complemented by rich blood orange marmalade. This is a warming whisky with a long and oily finish.

Nose – Mature fruity flavours with chocolate honeycomb.
Taste – Rich toffee and marzipan with blood orange marmalade.
Finish – Warming with a long and oily finish.
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The Metal Edition
46% alc./vol.
6000 bottles available

The fourth phase of the cycle is represented by our twelve beautiful copper stills, through which every drop of Tomatin spirit flows. Unique in shape and size to Tomatin thus giving us our own distinctive characteristics, we have matched Metal with classic first fill Bourbon barrels which demonstrate the definitive Tomatin style.

This edition is typically Tomatin; soft, sweet and light. Soft creamy vanilla flavours laced with sweet treats such as milk chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream. Citrus notes emerge with equally sweet spices.

Nose – Soft, creamy vanilla with sweet chocolate and Macadamia nuts.
Taste – Citrus notes come to the fore with sweet spices.
Finish – Typically Tomatin; soft, sweet and light.
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The Earth Edition
46% alc./vol.
6000 bottles available

The third virtue, Earth, is exemplified in an edition rich in intense and - unusually for Tomatin - peaty flavours. A consequence of maturing whisky made with peat-dried malted barley in refill Hogshead casks.

We only distill peated malt during the last two weeks of every year and it is never released under the Tomatin brand. This is truly a unique expression.

An intriguing mix of vanilla, burning heather and black fruits with sweet, light smoke. Unlike any other Tomatin, it has a salty smokiness with a
complex and ever-changing finish.

Nose – An intriguing mix of vanilla, burning heather and black fruits with sweet light smoke.

Taste – Unlike any other Tomatin, a salty smokiness with burnt honey and kelp.

Finish – Complex and ever-changing; smoky and sweet.

The Five Virtues Series does not carry an age statement, however we aim to be as open and transparent as we are allowed to be under EU law.