Macallan Edition no. 3 "A Sensory journey of discovery"

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"The power of aroma is unquestionable. From defining life experiences to the recall of special memories, the sense of smell is as individual as a fingerprint and has the ability to evoke some of the most precious, rewarding and distinctive moments."

Master Perfumer Roja Dove har været med til at sammensætte Edition No. 3 til at forbinder verden af whisky og aroma. Roja har nosed en række whisky samples og givet sine tanker og ideer omkring de aromaer han har fundet. Ud fra dette har Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno sammensar Edition No.3.

Edition no. 3 er aftappet ved 48.3% alc. og kommer fra en kombination af europæisk og amerikansk eg.


Roja brought his skill to the distillery, nosing a range of whisky samples and providing his thoughts and interpretation of the character and aromas he encountered. Subsequently our Master Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno utilised Roja’s articulation of aromas to select dominant notes to help shape the final character of Edition No.3.


Noter (Macallan):

Colour: Barley Gold

Nose: Reminiscent of a fine fragrance, the nose leads with vanilla ice cream, fresh cut oak and delicate florals. Orange oil provides subtle grandeur while ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg flit in and out in various guises. Vanilla imparts sweetness, leading citrus fruits forward then allowing chocolate to show. Burnished oak delivers a soft ending.

Palate: Sweet fruit, vanilla and rich fruit cake with suggestions of apricot, pear and crisp green apple. Hints of ginger and cinnamon are balanced with a light resinous oak finale.

Finish: Long, sweet and fruity, leaving a lasting impression on the senses.

Kilde: Macallan


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