Compassbox Phenomenology

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Denne aftapning er et forsøg på at lave en blend der kombinere single malts med dissonante (mislydende / forvirrende) dufte og smagsprofiler. Dette har resulteret i denne aftapning med navnet Phenomenology.

"Rather than try to settle on whose perceptions were ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, we were inspired by the phenomenological school of thought to consider how different people experience the same phenomenon. For this
release, we will not provide the typical recipe information including component whiskies or any description of the aromas and flavours of the whisky on the packaging and launch materials. Instead, in celebration of the subjectivity of whisky tasting, we are inviting consumers to first experience the whisky for themselves without preconception."

Noter (Compassbox):
We’re keeping this to ourselves, for now, to encourage drinkers to experience this whisky without preconception and to first describe the ‘phenomena’ of the liquid for themselves, in their own words and ideas.

This is an ideal whisky for sipping and contemplating on its own, or with a splash of water or an ice cube,
which will reveal the subtle complexity of the whisky as the whisky very slowly dilutes.

Aftappet ved 46%
Not chill-filtered
Natural colour

Kilde: Compassbox whisky

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