Old Pulteney Harbour

Old Pulteney er kommet med en ny aftapning med navnet Harbour.
Tanken bag denne aftapning er at give en introduktion til hvad Old Pulteney er.

Aftapningen er tilgængelig hos Tesco i UK og online.

"This approachable whisky is matured by the sea in a quartet of hand-selected fine American oak ex-bourbon casks, each imparting unique flavour profiles and cocooned by the sea air of the remote coastal distillery. Second fill barrels, re-charred barrels, first fill ex-bourbon barrels and refill barrels are married together to create warm, welcoming flavours."

Den har noter af: "creamy vanilla and coconut up front, followed by rich citrus of marmalade and tangerines, lemon drizzle cake sweetness and a spicy undertone of fresh oak."

Pris: £34,00

Kilde: Old Pulteney

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